We are living in times where the enemy wants to attack children by destroying homes. As a Mom myself, I have made it a point of duty to create prayer circles around my children (Read “Praying Circles Around your Children” By Mark Batterson), which will not only follow them today, but in years to come.

It is time for parents to stay woke in prayers. Monitor your children, know what they watch. Know who they are talking to. Who are their Friends? Teach sex education before they go to elementary school. The world is coming for our babies. They are forcing their evil agenda on them. Rather than get distracted with all lives matter, focus on “my children’s lives matter”. We are in evil times. Children are being taken advantage of. Parents are letting the media raise their children. Children are losing their identities because of what we parents watch. Feed your child with the word of God and the power of an identity rooted in Jesus Christ. Teach your children to be bold and speak up when evil is celebrated. Pray for your children like you’ve never done before. Teach them the importance of prayer. Sex is no longer the sacred topic. It is no longer on playboy magazine or on porn sites. It’s on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and other popular social media outlet. Parents don’t let the media raise your kids for you or tell you how to raise them. There is power in a Praying parent!

I leave you with this quote ” Work like it depends on us and pray like it depends on God”- Mark Batterson


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