1. Dream Killers

These are people and situations that suffocate our dreams. Our big dreams! Dream killers tell you what and who you should become. They tell you how to achieve their failed dreams.  They are insecure about their dreams, hence their ability to want to kill yours. These dream killers are not unfamiliar faces, they are people we encounter daily; from work, to family. They are people we know. They include; parents, teachers, the society, friends, and in most cases, yourself. Dream killers will call you stubborn, and a rebel, because you failed to achieve their dreams for you.

When you tell them your dreams, they put the light out and tell you to be realistic.

Believe this: if your dreams don’t scare you and the people around you, then you are not dreaming.

They tell you not to dream, because they know who you really are. They judge your dreams based on your abilities (past and present). They tell you what they think they know about you, but fail to realize that you belong to God and he is the only one who knows your beginning and end. They compare you to others (whose dreams, visions and paths) are different from yours.


The first sets of dream killers we encounter are our parents. YES!!! I said it. Our parents are the first people we encounter in our lives. Charity they say begins at home. What we become starts with our parents. That’s why being a parent is not only a civil duty, it is a spiritual duty.  Our parents are supposed to be our cheerleaders, and supporters, unfortunately, they the first to kill the dreams we have.  So many children and adults today are walking about with failed and killed dreams. Living and walking in unfilled destines. Parents’ are the first to know you before anyone else does. They see your strengths, they know your weaknesses. They watched you grow from infancy to school age. You tell them a dream that does not fit your current status. “Be realistic” they say. Why not do this. You fit into this category. Then you are placed into a puzzle that does not fit. You struggle to find your place, and you still cannot find your place. You know you are out of place. You cry that you want to be in the right place. They say “No! You belong here, everyone is here. Join them”.

While you work on the weakness that has been appointed/assigned to you, you kill your strengths. Then your strengths become your weakness. They measure your weakness based on their own weakness.  You once had dreams. Dreams that you’ve had as a child, big dreams that everyone said “It is impossible”. Dreams that people tell you “People like you cannot achieve this type of dream”.

Don’t get me wrong. Our parents did not become dream killers overnight. They learned the act of dream killing from their parents, teachers, the society and they themselves. They killed their own dreams because people told them to stop dreaming.  So they have been trained to stop dreaming and then when you tell them about your dreams, they tell you to stop dreaming.

Parents, you are your children’s caretaker, dream builder, support system and cheerleaders. God gave you these children to nurture, protect and care for. He sent them to you for you to make a better version of yourself. Not the same version of you.  When your child comes to you with their dreams, do not be quick to kill it. Don’t hasten to shut them up. Listen to them, encourage them and help them in building their dreams.

In our society today, we have men and women who walk around aimlessly with lost dreams and visions because of dream killers.

Beware, dreams are different from wants. Do not confuse the two.



I have talked about parents being dream killers number one. Let’s talk about the second people you meet. TEACHERS!!!!! According to Merriam –Webster Dictionary,  a teacher “ is one that teaches; especially one whose occupation is to instruct”.  While there are great teachers out there, we have teachers whose job is to destroy your dreams. I’ve heard stories of teachers telling their students how they will not be able to achieve their dreams. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds we know was told by his teacher that “He would never amount to anything”. Imagine hearing that as a school child.

As a student, I was told by nearly all my teachers that I wasn’t smart, even in college. I was an average student, and struggled to understand some basic principles. I struggled with all subjects, how I passed high school to college, I really don’t know. However, I made it through. Teachers, as the second dream killer or builders are important to us as the society. Growing up in Nigeria, my teachers took teaching jobs out of frustration of not finding a job in their field, were not educated (hence some of the struggles I faced), and majority lacked the passion of teaching. This is why most students go through the educational system without learning anything. Teachers are important, as they are also the pillars to the society.


In today’s world of social media opinions, the society we live in comes 3rd in the dream killer list. The society we live in judge people based on their abilities, looks, accent and so on. Hence, they are tagged dream killers in my book. The society also includes your job, boss, coworkers, and classmates, culture and strangers online. They tell you how to live your life based on their own standards. I have seen so many negativity since the birth of social media. Some stranger sitting behind the computer telling another how horrible they are even when that individual believes in his/her self.  The society which plays another major role in the pillar of the society is one of the worst/challenging dream killer I’ve experienced. Overcoming this dream killer, takes guts and willpower.

  • YOU

After all said and done, YOU are the writer of your story. You are in charge of your destiny. Once you believe the top 3 dream killers, you have defeated yourself!!!!!!!

Dare to Dream

Dream Its FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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